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TG Series Air Valve
Category : Pneumatic Control Elements (Valve)
TG series air valve is controlled by pneumatic signal applicable to the places where the existenence of power source is forbidden. Its seals use Japan's "Misubishi".
TG series air valve includes 5/2 way valves such as TG11A-06, TG2512A-06, TG2521A-08, TG2522A-08, TG2531A-10, TG2532A-10, TG2541A-15, TG2542A-15 whose dimensions are as same as air operated valves such as 4A110-06, 4A120-06, 4A210-08, 4A220-08, 4A310-10, 4A320-10, 4A410-15, 4A420-15.